• Maintain list of client interest and assess for targeted offers of incoming/existing inventory; Update contact records with all relevant interest and contact info
  • Send and record targeted offers daily
  • Send and record previews for all art fairs and exhibitions
  • Prepare for gallery viewings (coordinate placement and installation of works with inventory team, prepare printed images and fact sheets/place catalogues in the viewing room, greet clients upon arrival or host viewings in Director’s absence); Liaise with internal departments to obtain press packets, video demos, images, catalogues, up-to-date research, etc. to send clients in advance of/following major sale
  • Communicate any reserves or sales with relevant gallery staff and assist with all follow-up
  • Prepare order forms for invoices and follow up with accounting and registration teams for any invoicing and shipping instructions; manage correspondence with client regarding sold work
  • Review clients with Director for invitations to all gallery events (dinners, cocktails, etc)
  • Attend all gallery openings and provide support to Director when necessary
  • Prepare items for weekly sales meeting (potential consignments, artist presentations, exhibitions checklists, client interest lists, etc) and upload relevant materials to dropbox
  • Keep track of auction sales and results and ensure Director reviews auction monitors


  • Liaise with artists and their studios on behalf of Director to help maintain relationships with gallery artists, eg. communicate with artists, studio managers, and/or artist estates on a regular basis regarding new work, existing inventory, consignments to / from other galleries, loan requests, donation requests, travel and scheduling, etc.
  • Oversee exhibitions by our artists at the gallery
    • Coordinate inbooking of new inventory, work with internal departments in order to arrange framing/photography/shipping
    • Create checklist of works and ensure that materials at the front desk are kept up to date by front desk staff
    • Upload works and exhibition views to ArtBinder and create compilation
    • Keep sales team updated of work status and manage interest spreadsheet / lists with sales team interest when necessary
    • Create, edit and disseminate previews to the sales team
    • Book artists travel and assist with all artist’s needs during installation, including special projects
    • Prepare an updated list of available, reserved and sold works to weekly sales meeting to dropbox
    • Consolidate requests for approval from Director from marketing department (exhibition related materials, publications, dinner, press preview, other events)
    • Assist with planning of post-opening dinner (compiling guest list, RSVP follow ups) and assist guests at post-opening dinner
  • Monitor and oversee upcoming exhibitions (group and solo) at outside venues:
    • Inform sales team where relevant; inform marketing of all shows for press and CV purposes
    • Liaise with registrars to organize loan forms and transport works to/from exhibition
  • Liaise with all outside parties on behalf of the artist regarding requests relating to the artist’s work (appraisals, pricing, new and existing inventory, installation and deinstallation schedules, and, on occasion, press and publication inquiries)
  • Assist artists / studios / estates with personal request and special projects as needed


  • Manage all existing inventory for Director artists, coordinating inbooking of new inventory (see below) and making sure all information in DZDB records is kept up-to-date and accurate
  • Coordinate Works on View and inventory rehangs with operations teams
  • Oversee ArtBinder records for all Director artists on a regular basis (double check that images and statuses are correct, add installation views, create compilations, remove sold works)
  • Incoming inventory / Primary:
    • Confirm caption information with artist, oversee inbooking of work in inventory team
    • Coordinate collection/transport to gallery with registrars
    • Schedule photography, framing, research when necessary
    • Discuss with Director, update price and activate (and share with sales team)
  • Incoming Inventory / Secondary:
    • Confirm work details with consignor, oversee inbooking of work in inventory team
    • Liaise with registrars to generate consignment paperwork and edit as needed
    • Coordinate collection/transport to gallery with registrars
    • Schedule photography, relay provenance and exhibition history to research, reframing when necessary
    • Discuss with Director, update price and activate (and share with sales team)

Support for Director

Travel; Diary Management SALES