•  Forward planning for both fairs and exhibitions throughout the year with the aim that we are always scheduled well in advance.
  • Overseeing departments and making sure that shipping and framing etc are all booked in good time for respective shows.


  • General sales with a focus upon 20c material
  • Building client relationships
  • Responding to web queries and utilising FM to contact relevant clients
  • Outsourcing works for specific client projects


  • Managing the edition charts/ stock for the 20c artists and Estates we represent
  • Checking in regularly with the artists/ Estate representatives
  • Assist artists in getting and coordinating museum or institutional exhibitions


  • Coordinating fair planning
  • Overseeing catalogue/ labels/ framing / shipment associated with fair
  • Attending fairs in a sales capacity


  • Overseeing exhibition preparation and hanging
  • Help coordinate associated framing/ cataloguing/ labels and press release
  • Providing ideas and implementing long term planning for large group exhibitions


  •  Constantly looking for new material/ artists for the gallery
  • Viewing/ Bidding on behalf of the gallery when the Director is not available to do so.


  • Overseeing gallery sales and accounting (especially when Director is travelling)
  • Reviewing all texts/ consignments/ contracts etc to try and catch any potential errors/ problems
  • Helping implement systems such as TA and ensure that we are legally certain of procedure
  • Try and regularly review the output of colleagues at the gallery and check that they are both happy and productive. When noticing a problem attempting to put in a system that facilitates their work process.