Experienced and dedicated Archivist to ensure the systematic and

thorough documentation and storage of well known photographers work..: ongoing new work, historical

work, hard copy and digital, photography, film footage, social media, design collateral and



Archive System – Digital and Hard Copy

• Work with the PEA team to ensure the archiving system is strategic in function and

use; serving existing and future needs for archive access and documentation

• Proactively ensure archive and archiving system is maintained to a high standard

and as user-friendly as possible – make suggestions for improvement if applicable,

based on existing and future needs for archive access

Archive – Hard Copy

• Proactively updating hard copy folders for new advertising and editorial work

ongoing (match prints, magazines, tear sheet books)

• Review and update older content to be collated and organised

• Digitise older physical content where necessary

• Manage hard copy archive for all opublishing – own and other publishing

projects Mario’s work appears in (publications, ephemera etc.)

Archive – Digital

• Ensure current digital archives are updated systemically across photography, film,

social media, design collateral, ephemera

Searchable database

• Upload and metadata tag content into searchable database

(Extensis Portfolio). Ensure searchable database is up-to-date with all new content

as well as older content where necessary.

Archive – Support Development & Special Projects

• Assist Archive Editor to find content in the archive for research, editorials,

syndication, books, exhibitions, social media, website.

• Industry and archive research – support long-term archive strategy project and

other strategic development projects as needed.

Archive Image – Talent Approvals

• Support talent approvals across books, exhibition, exhibition promotion / collateral /

product, website for images already produced, as needed and possible and briefed

by relevant team members

Video Archive

• To maintain and develop the archive of  film and moving image

• To develop the searchable database for video

• To support new film and moving image projects by searching for and retrieving

relevant raw footage

Prints Inventory database

• Review and where necessary improve/update inventory logs on the prints inventory

database (Art Logic)

• Manage the digitisation of vintage prints.